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Introducing our Limited Edition Luxary Heavyweight  "Everyday Love" shirt – because self-love knows no calendar! 💖✨


🌟  Unveil the power of self-love with our exclusive "Everyday Love" shirt. This limited edition shirt is more than just fabric; it's a daily affirmation, a celebration of your worthiness every day of the week.

This shirt is a reminder that self-love isn't reserved for a specific date. It's a continuous journey, and this shirt is your daily invitation to embrace your unique self, regardless of the day on the calendar.


🛍️ Limited Stock Available: Don't miss the chance to own a piece of positivity. Grab your "Everyday Love" shirt now and wear your self-love proudly, 365 days a year! 💖✨ #EverydayLove #LimitedEdition #SelfLoveFashion



Heavy Blend Oversized Sweatshirt - the epitome of comfort, style, and quality. Crafted with precision, this sweatshirt redefines loungewear, offering supreme coziness and a relaxed fit. Made from premium heavyweight fleece, it ensures a soft, durable feel wash after wash. Versatile for any occasion, from casual outings to chilly days, its oversized silhouette adds a trendy, effortless touch. Unisex and timeless, elevate your comfort with this ultimate loungewear staple.


  • But our shirt is more than just a fashion statement. With every purchase, we will donate a shirt to a girl in need.
  • Join us in our mission to empower and serve girls in undeveloped communities. Together, we can make a difference and spread warmth and kindness around the world. Shop now and make a positive impact

bW. Everyday Love Luxe

  • All sales are final. 

  • Orders placed between 1/22-1/29 will ship on Feb 7th

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